Motivate Community Participation in Community Service

Dear Community Leader,


I am writing to you because you are in a position to tell other Leaders about ways to Motivate Community Participation in Community Service to make it safer for us all.


By motivating the community to participate in community service we gain Heroes!  We get people committed to stopping drug activity on their block. We get people to pick up trash in public places. We get people who find jobs for teenagers and get them off the street.


One way to motivate community participation is to have a system in place to recognize the efforts of every individual that contributes to the community good.


Behavioral Psychologists say; positive-reinforcement of the right kind at the right time can increase productive behavior.  They suggest that the best reinforcement can often be simple recognition for a job well done.


The problem is; acquiring and maintaining the data to reinforce the right person with the right recognition at the right time.


I offer a solution to the Merit Recognition problem that includes desktop and web-based software to manage performance data and to provide motivating reinforcement. The solution is called Merits4U. You can get full information and download a trial version from my website


Merits4U was created for business, specifically, driver motivation.  However, I believe Merits4U can be even more valuable to sign up residents in efforts to help the community.

Merits4U runs on Desktop PC’s. I am building web-based interfaces for the Community-Service version to sign-up people on line, as well as, allow them to enter their own documentation of accomplishments.


Take a few minutes to review Merits4U on my website.  Be sure to follow the link for the “Mayor’s Community Service Example” and the “Mayor’s Web Page Example.” Learn about me from my Project Support Page and Portfolio of Related Experience links. 

You be the judge.  If you know of a better solution to motivate community participation, please tell me, if not, please let your Mayor and community leaders know there is a way to use Merit-Recognition to motivate Community Service that all residents can participate in.




Curtis MJ

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I'm a Software Developer Since The Days of DOS! Before DOS, Marketing, Advertising, Sales Commercial Photographer, Long Haul Trucker, Air Force. Said-I been around.
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